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Video Production Special

For the next two months I am running a video production promotion through my business, Mobility Media Design. Basically I will produce a promo videos for your company for $989.00 … More


Who’s To Blame?

Recently, Elizabeth and I were doing a Bible Study at the Nisqually Safety Complex, aka. the Nisqually Jail. We were with the Ladies while Ben Charles and Christopher were with the … More

El-Pequeño-León-muestra -sus-Dientes

El Pequeño León muestra sus Dientes

a short story by Richard Aronson © 2012 Ferdinand’s sperm met Isabella’s egg then one thing led to another and El Pequeño León, their little Nino, found himself at the end of a … More



What if, on the day we die, we stand before God and are judged according to our relationship with Jesus? Know Jesus. No Judgement. No Jesus. Know Hell. :-) … More



GRACE ISN'T... Grace isn't a coat rack that you get to hang your sin on so that you can grab it anytime you need a reminder of where God has brought you from. Grace isn't an … More

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Full Sail Education Sidelined

It's been a long time since I've written anything about my progress at Full Sail University. That's because I had to put my education on hold. Unfortunately, I was getting very … More

Call to Prayer

On Wednesday, September 25th, Oakridge Ministries joined Pray Washington for an evening of intercessory prayer, Worship, praise and devotion to Jesus. The Crazy Faith crew was … More

Pray Washington: October 2013 Objectives

PW 24/7 VISION:  The Presence of God revealed in response to persevering prayer producing REPENTANCE, leading to REVIVAL, and releasing REFORMATION in our lives, our churches and … More

I Surrender All

All to Jesus I surrender; All to Him I freely give; I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live. Refrain: I surrender all, I surrender all; All to Thee, my blessed … More