Sony NEX FS100 Manual

FS100 vs. RED ONEAs a student at Full Sail University, in the Digital Cinematography program, I am very excited that we will be getting the Sony NEX FS100 camera and because I am so excited I figure the rest of us in the program are too. This morning I was chatting with Mikey Jones, one of the most awesome instructors at Full Sail, and in the midst of our “conversation” he asked me if I wanted the manual for the camera. Of course I said yes.

So, here it is. The manual for the Sony NEX FS100. ENJOY!!!

SONY NEX FS100 Manual

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  1. Jaycen Judge says

    Hey, I had Mikey as well for Film Foundations, he was an awesome teacher, hope to have future classes with him, I knew we were getting this camera and he and I and a few others students had a discussion in wimba on this although he couldn’t come out and say it was what we were getting, I knew as I have a contact at sony, so I was able to divulge the info that I knew and he could only make certain noises what was right LOL but yeah I get my camera in December and am soooooooo like a kid waiting for christmas for this thing I have been following this camera since I learned about it via NAB and when I found out we were getting them for school my heart dropped!

  2. Thomas M Friesner says

    I too am taking the Digital Cinematography Online Degree from Full Sail. The camera is very exciting, I can only imagine the types of projects I can shoot with it in my green screen studio. My little sony HD camera just doesn’t have the chops for that kind of work. Good Luck to you on your journey and the classes.

  3. Laetyn says

    I am considering taking the online Digital Cinematography course at Full Sail. I was just wondering if you know if you get to keep the NEX FS100 after you graduate from the program. It will be greatly appreciated if you answer.

  4. Dan Eldridge says

    Hey! I am also a student at Full Sail and I am also taking the Digital Cinematography program. Do you know when we are suppose to be getting this camera? My experience at Full Sail has been amazing. Top notch instructors and state of the art Tech! Keep up your studies… I am in Fundamentals of physical science now and it is AWESOME! well maybe not but Intro to Digital photography is next. Hope to see you in class some time.


    • says

      Hi Dan – we should be getting our camera very soon. It is supposed to come during the Intro to Photography class but before we get it we will have to watch a video tutorial that the Digital Cinematography department is putting together and we might have to take a quiz to prove that we watched the video. They want to make sure we know how to use our new $70000 toy.

      • Dan Eldridge says

        Thanks Richard. I will visit back once I get the camera and let you know what I think. Hope to see you in class.

  5. says

    this is my first time at full sail im doing it online since i moved from florida back to good old cold buffalo ny lol its cool to see so many ppl in love with the same field of study as me i do a lot of photography and im expanding futher into the cinema which has always been my first love but i just want to say you have inspired me a lot and i dont like math either ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. mitchoward says

    Hey! I can’t find any official confirmation of full sail actually getting these for the digital cinematography course. You said earlier in the feed that you didn’t think that full sail would receive these… but did you guys get em’? just want to know what i’m going to actually get before i pay for it. Thanks!

  7. Jeff says

    Is the Sony NEX FS100 just for those taking the course at the campus? I am looking at taking the online Digital Cinematography course will I still be getting the camera? I know I get the laptop but that is all I really know at this point.

    • says

      Jeff–if you are going into the Digital Cinematography program, which is only online, you will get the NEX FS100 in your 10th month. I will be posting an unboxing video in the next few weeks so that you will be able to see what to look forward to.

  8. Dan Eldridge says

    Hello everyone. I just received my Sony Nex Fs100 and it is amazing. It came in two boxes which included my lighting equipment microphone and tripod. I am thoroughly impressed. I will be testing it out for thanksgiving dinner. I will let you know more when I get to play with it more. good luck to everyone.

  9. Chema says

    Hi Richard, I’m a senior in high school and wanting to pursue digital cinematography, and i have a few questions on the online course:

    How are you liking it so far?

    How far along in the course are you?

    What are some things you would say would need improvement about the course (in general)?

    Are there any tips or help that you could share about taking this course?

    and at what level does this course start? Because i know a lot about this subject already and i don’t want it to be like a review.

    Thank you very much i am planning in taking the Online course since i live sooooo far all the way in the Lone Star State, I already do a lot of filming, editing, and post audio editing at a level that exceeds my Animation teacher…
    I’ve seen so many negative reviews about Full Sail for whatever reason…but i want to know if this is something you would consider worth taking.

    Thank you, I’d love to hear from you!

    • says

      Hi Chema – thanx for stopping by my site. I have been in the Digital Cinematography program for eleven months now and I am loving it. The course work is challenging and engaging. One of the things that needed to change was the online discussion/reposting format. It use to be that, for online discussions, there were no threaded conversations but since Full Sail fixed that all is well. Some people might think that the course work isn’t applicable to digital cinematography based on the first few months but what Full Sail does is give you most of your general ed classes up front and than hit you with the core classes after that. I have been very happy with the progression of the classes.

      You ask about tips or help. Make sure you have plenty of time to do your class work and read all instructions thoroughly. If you have never taken an online class I suggest you take one or two from your local community college to see if that learning style works for you. Another thing you can do is spend lots of time at Many students in the program ask questions and respond so it’s a good place to go for help. You mentioned that you have read lots of negative reviews. I suggest that you go to the Facebook page and ask some of your questions there. That way you can get input from other people who are going through the program right now. I have read most of the negative comments and they are usually from people who are grumpy to start with so anything they say is going to be negative.

      The course is designed to take anyone with a genuine interest in cinematography and give them the practical skills and knowledge they need to either get a job or start their own production company. There are some basic elements to it that I was already well acquainted with but I was able to help those with less knowledge than myself so I still learned something. One thing you can never have enough of is people skills especially as a person who is going to direct others.

      One thing you might consider is what do you really want to accomplish? Do you want to be a director/producer/Director of Photography or do you like visual effects and CGI stuff more? You may want to look at the computer animation course. My son is in that program and he loves it. He learns something new in every class.

      If you have any other questions please let me know. If you wind up in the program I look forward to meeting you.

  10. Kyle says

    Hey guys, I am currently enrolled at full sail, and i was wondering when do you recieve the camera. I just finished film foundations and now in english comp. I figured it would be my second year when i recieve it, but if you know the specific class where you got the camera i would appreciate it.. Thanks alot.

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